Answers to some common questions

Installing and repairing these systems can overwhelming. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with our services, so here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns.

How often should I have my septic tanks pumped?
Residential Conventional system (Pipe & rock drain field), should be pumped a minimum of every two years, more often, if there is a large number of people. Aerobic system should have all the tanks pumped, before the solids reach the inlet of the pump. Your maintenance provider should inform you as to what that measurement is each time they come.

When would I have to pump more often?
Anyone taking drugs for HIV or AIDS, chemotherapy, or large doses of antibiotics. Your tanks will have to be pumped more often. Not all of the drug gets used up in the body, comes out in your body waste and kills the anaerobic bacteria.

What can I do to improve the efficiency  of my system ?
Do not put anything into your system that is not for human consumption or was not once for human consumption, other than only certain brands of toilet paper, liquid laundry detergent and small amounts of bleach. Such as femanine products, condoms, and baby wipes even if they say septic safe. Spread out your laundry use thru the week, do not save it up, or do a lot at one time.

Do I need to add these commercial advertised products?
In most cases commercial additives are not required.

Effluents are coming up around the tank lid or to the top of the earth in the field line area, what can I do?
Effluent surfacing, most frequently is caused by over water usage, leaking toilets quite often are the cause, put a few drops of dominant food coloring (red, blue, or green) in the toilet tank, check back in 20 to 30 minutes if any of the food coloring has moved from the tank to the bowl or is gone completely, toilet repair is required.

My neighbor’s aerobic system stinks when it sprays out, what is wrong? What can I do?
Discharged aerobic effluents odors are usually caused by the effluents not getting enough air; this is usually caused by a malfunctioning air pump, stopped up diffuser (stone where the air comes out) or over water usage. If not repaired call your County Environmental office.

I am installing a water softener, where should the recharge effluents go?
Not to the septic system unless you are using potassium Chloride, which is more expensive than salt. Question    Why can’t I use my swimming pool chlorine tablets in my aerobic system? Swimming pool chlorine tablets are made with an acid, aerobic system tablets are made with a base, and the swimming pools tablets do not input enough chlorine.

I have an aerobic system. Do I have to have a maintenance contract?
I you reside in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller, or Liberty County, and do not hold a Maintenance Providers License, you have to have a contract. If you are not required to have a contract, you still have to send in the maintenance documentation to your designated authority.

Can I move, delete or add a spray head to my aerobic system?
All changes to your spray field have to be approved by your designated representative, in most cases requires a design change by a registered sanitarian, a permit and approval by your designated representative. 

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